Red velvet cupcakes are the baker’s holy grail, no? I’ve tried to make them once before, and I’d say they were fairly substandard. Expectations run high with red velvet. People are very particular about the cake, and even more so about the cream cheese icing. I try to eat red velvet cupcakes or cake whenever I see them – in part because of my big sweet tooth, and in part out of curiosity. This is such an elusive flavour to perfect. When I visited Brooklyn, I visited Cake Man Raven upon my friend Ivy’s recommendation. Ivy is very serious about her Red Velvet, so I knew I had to follow up on her suggestion – it was a tasty piece of cake (these days, Ivy is crushing on the Cheescake Factory’s version of Red Velvet).  Yesterday, I was watching the Food Network and Ina was whipping up a batch of the delectable creations. It seemed that Red Velvet was demanding my attention – especially since I am planning to visit Ivy on Monday. So, I decided to try a recipe I found online. Let’s see how it turns out – I’ve got a batch in the oven now.

The results were good. The taste testers (read: Jodel’s family & my family) liked the cupcakes. This was an interesting recipe as it used sour cream in place of the traditional buttermilk and vinegar. I wasn’t happy with the icing – it was lacking. The consistency wasn’t what I was hoping for. I decided to head back to Google, and lo and behold, the Cake Man Raven recipe is online. I decided to try it. The icing is a much better consistency, and the cake is looking good. Tomorrow I test it out. Fingers crossed!