A few months ago, two of my fave people – Janet & Jaime – were on a shopping trip in Buffalo and they came across the Bakerella Cake Pops book. They felt that I had to have this book, and volunteered to be taste testers once I had tried out a recipe. I started out with cake balls, which are infinitely easier than cake pops. I say this only because of the cake pop sticks. This weekend, I was having some serious adventures getting the cake ball to stay on the stick – perhaps because the cake ball was too drenched in chocolate and the stick couldn’t support the weight. Ultimately, It worked out. I decided that I wanted to bring cake pops to Talia’s third birthday party. Talia and her sister Ava are two of my fave kids. Their mom is pretty great too!

I decided on everyone’s favourite flavour: chocolate! So, what you have to know is that make cake balls is super simple. Rather than baking cake from scratch, I took the easy way out and used a cake mix. Mind you, Bakerella says this is okay. Cake mix turns out super moist, which is great for cake pops. So, easy peasy instructions:

Break out your cake mix and follow instructions to bake a cake.

Let the cake cool for at least a few hours, or overnight.

Cut the cake into pieces and crumble it into little crumbs (over a bowl). If you’ve got bigger cake chunks, breal them up with a fork.

Add ready made (or homemade) frosting to your crumbled cake, and mix together.

Place wax paper on two cookie sheets. Roll little balls -not quite as a big as a golf ball of cake and place on cookie sheet. Do this until you have used up all of the batter.

Refrigerate! (This is key). Leave the cake balls in the fridge for a few hours until completely cool. It is much easier to dip them and/or insert the lollipop stick.

You’ll need some chocolate moulding wafers (available in tons of colours at the Bulk Barn) and some coloured sprinkles or decorative sugars. Put your moulding wafers into a bowl and microwave for approximately 30 seconds. Remove from microwave and mix the wafers. Put the wafers back into the microwave for another 30 seconds. Remove and mix briskly. You want a smooth and thin consistency. If you need to microwave for a few more seconds, do so.

If you are dipping the cake balls without sticks, simply put the cake ball on a spook and immerse in chocolate. Tap the spoon on the side of the bowl to get rid of excess chocolate. Lightly drop the coated cake ball back on to the baking sheet and add sprinkles.

If you are going to make cake pops – you want to insert the lollipop stick into the cake ball, before you dip the pop into chocolate. You may want to use the spoon to help fully cover the cake with chocolate.  You can then place the cake pop standing up (cake down) on the wax paper, and add sprinkles. Or, if you’ve got styrofoam or a block of florist foam, you can wrap with pretty paper, and display cake pops upright.

Once you’ve mastered this – time to try some other exciting cake pop projects.